Books of Mr. C.H. Gopinatha Rao

Dear friends,

  1.  Mr. C.H. Gopinatha Rao, known as Father of Valuation in Tamilnadu
    has requested me to upload his books in my website and make them
    public at free of cost with a noble intention “Let knowledge spread”.
  2.  So far I have collected 59 books and uploaded them with the help
    of my fellow valuer Mr. K.R. Udhayakumar, Tiruchirappalli.
  3.  Please go through, download the links and get your knowledge
    enriched. You may also forward these links to your friends and
    other professionals.
  4.  If any reader wishes to thank Mr. C.H. Gopinatha Rao, he may do so
    to his email :
  5.  “They alone live who live for others” - Swami Vivekananda
  6.  Wish you all the best. Your feedback is welcome.

Given are the Download Links for CHG Rao's books (37 Books) Scanned up to date.


1). Astrology in House Buildings

2). Concise Building Dictionary

3). Vasthu Home Plans

4). Construction Practices In civil Engineering Works

5). Professional Practice For Architects And Consulting Civil Engineers

6). Rate Analysis and Testing of Materials for Building

7). Building Construction-Statutory Requirements, Penalties & Case Laws

8). Building Rules, Ambiguities & Violations

9). A Roof Over your Head

10). Professional Lapses in Failure of Structures

11). Official OR Professional Lapses- Remedies for the Aggrieved

12). Real Estate Practices

13). Dealings in Real Estate & Housing

14). Disputes in Registration of Immovable Properties and Fixation of Stamp Duty

15). Model Formats of Deeds & Agreements

16). Fixation of Fair Rent in Tamil Nadu

17). Manual on Building Contracts

18). Urban Land- At What Cost & Price

19). Flat & Facts

20). How to Determine the Value of Flats -

21). Apartments-At What Cost, At What Price

22). Purchase of Flats and Arbitration Act

23). Issues In Apartment Complexes

24). Disputes in Purchase or Promotion of Flats

25). Valuation Practice of Immovable Properties

26). What is the Guideline Value of  Land - Can the same be taken as Market Value

27). Disparities and  Disputes in Valuation of Lands (with 100 Case Laws)

28). Valuation for Taxation on Sale of Land or Building or Both

29). Vaasthu Rules & Remedies

30). Points to look after for Purchase of House or Plot

31). House Plans For 30'x40' plots

32). Plans for Detached Houses and with Mezzanine Floors

33). Plans for Duplex House

34). Plans for Row Houses

35). Plans of Cottage Type House

36). Plans of Row houses, Duplex houses and Cottage type houses

37). Plans for Flats, Garden Apartments and Commercial Industries

38). House Buildings-Inspection and Maintenance

39). House Site In Urban Areas

40). Disputes in Building Contracts

41). Case Laws on Nuisance by Neighbours and Others

42). Case Laws on Flats, Registration & Taxation

43). Ungal Veetai Neengale Kattalamae

44). Veettai Kattippar (2014) - Tamil

45). Arbitration Act in Building Contracts

46).Build Your House Yourself

47). Ownership of Flat

48). Plans for Flats and Commercial Complexes

49).Valuation Methods of Land & Buildingsl

50).Sketch Plans for Houses

51). The Agony and Ecstasy of House Building

52).Vaasthu for Plots & Buildings (Tamil)

53). Astrology for Purchase of Plots & Construction of Buildings (Tamil)

54). 36 PLANS - Flats, Twin Houses and Cottages