1. Basic definitions of a flat
    1. Super builtup area, FSI, UDS calculations - excercises
    2. How to ascertain the super built up area of any flat for the purpose of counter checking?
    1. A few facts a buyer of a flat must know
    2. Issues and concerns
  2. Methods of valuation of a flat
  3. Valuation of a flat by land and building method
  4. Rental valuation of a flat
  5. Valuation by composite rate method
  6. Various purposes of valuation
  7. Joint venture development
  8. Valuation of flats for banks
    1. Flat under construction
    2. Loan to new flats - 10 points to be remembered
    3. Flat for the purpose of collateral security
    4. 10 Points to be remembered by a panel valuer
    5. Practical problems - lessons to be learnt
    6. Questions & Opinions on bank valuation
    7. Whether a valuer is responsible for the forged documents?
  9. Deviations in approved drawing and non FSI area
  10. Stage value of a flat - procedure
  11. Valuation of flat under construction - a model report
  12. Valuation for the proposed purchase of an existing flat - a model report
  13. Valuation of a project report for banks - a model report
  14. Valuation for project finance for banks - a model report
  15. Valuation of unsold flats for bank purpose - procedure
  16. Valuation of a housing board flat as security - a case study
  17. Valuation of a flat for cost of construction - a model report
  18. Valuation of a flat for capital gains - a model report
  19. Valuation for Visa - a model report
  20. Valuation for insurance - procedure
  21. Valuation for fixation of fair rent - a model report
  22. Valuation of commercial complex - a model report
  23. Questions & Opinions
  24. Court judgement on car parking
    1. Development cum sale agreement
    2. General power of attorney
    3. Drawing approval letters
    4. Legal opinion
    5. Flat allotment letter
    6. Sale agreement for UDS of land
    7. Construction agreement
    8. Sale deed for UDS of land
    9. Letter of handing over & No due certificate
    10. Bye - Laws of flat welfare association
    11. Tamilnadu Apartment Ownership Act 1994

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