1. Valuation and Purposes
  2. Valuation for the purpose of Primary and Collateral securities
  3. Valuation of unsold plots in a residential layout
  4. Clarification on practical problems in Valuation
  5. Valuation of a weigh bridge on a National Highway
  6. Valuation of a building used for residential and commercial activities - A case study
  7. Valuation of Wind Mills - A case study
  8. Report on valuation of properties for the purpose of partition - A case study
  9. Auction by Debt Recovery Tribunal
  10. Valuation of security - A Banker's perspective
  11. What a panel valuer expects from his Bank?
  12. Certain Banking terms a panel valuer must know
  13. Cost of Construction of a residential bungalow - A case study
  14. Section 50C of Income Tax Act 1961
  15. Post graduate diploma in valuation - Model question papers - Solution to some of the Problems
  16. A few tips if you want to be a successful valuer
  17. Court Judgements
  18. Questions & Opinions
  19. Plinth area rates in Tamilnadu
  20. Index

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