1. Value Varies with purpose
  2. Various purpose of valuation required for Banks
  3. Why there is no uniformity among the Banks with regard to valuation?
  4. Embarrassing moments of a Panel Valuer
  5. Stock Valuation for Banks
  6. Valuation of Stocks in a Steel rolling mill - A case study
  7. Guideline value and market value
  8. Valuation of Leasehold properties
  9. Valuation by Rent Capitalisation method
  10. Present Value of a Cinema Theatre - A case study
  11. Few lllustrations in Valuation
  12. Cost of Construction - Questions & Opinions
  13. Cost of Construction - Method is not the main criteria
  14. Fair Market Value of a property as on 1.4.1981 - A model report
  15. How to become a successful valuer?
  16. Questions & Opinions
  17. Valuation of a Property in a Hill station for the purpose of buying - A case Study
  18. Glossary
  19. Relevant extracts published in news papers
  20. Feedback from the readers
  21. Index

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