1. Valuation of Residential building for settlement
  2. How to calculate the depreciation for different portions of a building constructed in different periods
    - a case study
  3. Valuation of a commercial building
  4. Market Value of a portion of a storeyed building
  5. Valuation for Bank purposes - Market value and Cost
  6. Valuation for compromise
  7. Valuation of lands with mineral deposits for bank purposes
  8. Report on Cost of construction of a lodge building - A case study
  9. Cost of Construction of a marriage Hall
  10. Objection remarks on the Valuation report issued by the Valuation Cell
  11. 15 Percent
  12. Ground Rent
  13. Quiz in Valuation
  14. Basic Principles in Valuation of Machinery
  15. Indices
  16. Chartered Engineer's Certificate
  17. Questions & Opinions
  18. Index

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