1. Few Theoretical problems for Engineering Students
  2. Valuation for Banks - Ten points to be remembered by a Panel Valuer
  3. Valuation for Banks - Ten points to be remembered by a Banker while accepting any property as collateral Security
  4. RBI Guidelines on valuation
  5. Valuation for Collateral security - referring the legal opinion is a must or not?
  6. Valuation for the Banks - Reports issued by the Valuers engaged by the borrower,second opinion by the expert panel valuer and the lessons to be learnt from the mistakes
  7. Whether a panel valuer can certify the value arrived by Rent Capitalisation Method as the fair market value for Bank purposes?
  8. How to calculate the plinth area and carpet area for the premises occupied by the Bank?
  9. Cost of Construction
  10. Three Star Hotel - Cost of construction by Accounting method
  11. Cost of construction - Report of the Valuation Cell, objection report of the Registered Valuer and the order passed by the Commissioner of Income Tax(Appeals)
  12. Comparison between cost of construction for Income Tax and market value for Banks.
  13. Valuation of a marriage hall - A case study
  14. Valuation of a Going concern - A case study
  15. Practical Problems on leasehold properties
  16. Certain errors in valuation reports
  17. Certifying the value on the higher side or lower side?
  18. Valuation by Comparative sale methods
  19. Questions & Opinions
  20. Valuation of Plant & Machinery
  21. Valuation Formats :
    1. Nedungadi Bank
    2. Federal Bank
    3. Vijaya Bank
    4. Central Bank of India
  22. Application form empanelment :
    1. Corporation Bank
    2. Karnataka Bank
    3. State Bank of Travancore
  23. Technical Data
    1. Plinth area rates prescribed by chief Engineer, PWD, Tamilnadu
    2. Cost inflation index for financial years
  24. "Practical Valuation Volume II" - Feed Back
  25. 0Index

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