1. An introduction to valuation for taxation
  2. Role of registered valuers in Direct Tax Laws
  3. Cost estimation by accounting method
  4. Cost estimation by contract method
  5. Cost estimation by detailed estimate method
  6. Cost estimation by adopting State PWD plinth area rates
  7. Cost estimation by adopting CPWD plinth area rates
  8. Procedure suggested when the cost is to be determined by adopting plinth area rate method
  9. Cost estimation by more than one method
  10. Cost estimation of a residential building by five methods
  11. Valuation cell
  12. What is Amiya Bala Paul case?
  13. Rebate for self supervision
  14. Economy in construction and its impact on cost of construction
  15. Appeal
  16. Questions & opinions
  17. Exclusive format for cost of construction
  18. Cost of construction of a flat
  19. Cost of construction of a hospital building 220 - 232
  20. Cost of construction of a factory godown cum residential building
  21. Cost of construction of a commercial building
  22. Cost of construction of a hotel building
  23. A few court judgements related to cost of construction
  24. Cost of construction - method is not the main criteria
  25. Vagaries of valuation regarding cost of construction
  26. Comparison between cost of construction for income tax and market value for banks
  27. Expectation of income tax department from the registered valuers and departmental valuers
  28. International practice of cost estimating


  30. Form N - Application form to become a registered valuer
  31. Plinth area rates precribed by Chief Engineer, State PWD, Tamilnadu for 2016 - 2017
  32. CPWD plinth area rates 01.10.2012 & New plinth area norms 2012
  33. Break - up weightages for different items for various types of buildings

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