1. Practical doubts in valuation
  2. Valuation of a property under different circumstances - A case study
  3. Valuation of a Commercial complex for security purposes by adopting Land & Building method,
    Composite Rate method & Rent Capitalisation method
  4. Is it true to say that value varies with purpose?
  5. Joint venture development in an apartment system
  6. A typical case study on fixing ratio in Joint venture development
  7. Standards for Real Estate valuation as prescribed by Indian Banks’ Association(IBA)
  8. Relationship between Present value (based on PMR & GLR), Present market value, Fair market value,
    Forced sale value, Realisable value, Auction value and Reserve price
  9. Realisable value - A clarification
  10. Valuation of property above 5 crores - A model report by using IBA format
  11. Project report on approval for advance processing facility
  12. Project finance by banks - A model report
  13. Valuation for banks - Model certificates
  14. Valuation of property under SARFAESI Act
  15. Precautions to be undertaken by a panel valuer of the bank while preparing valuation reports in order to defend his valuation when disputed
  16. Certain court judgements related to panel valuers and professionals
  17. Valuers in criminal proceedings
  18. Right to Information (RTI) - Reply by the banks to the informations sought by the panel valuers
  19. List of Institutions related to valuation
  20. Fees prescribed by a few banks

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