1. Capital Gains
    1. Fair Market Value for Capital Gains
    2. Valuation of a property as on 1.4.1981
    3. Questions & Opinions
  2. Cost of Construction under Income Tax Act
    1. Cost of Construction of a residential building
    2. Cost of Construction of a nursing home - Registered Valuer's report and his objection statements
    3. Vagaries of Valuation regarding cost of Construction
    4. Questions & Opinions
  3. Valuation for Wealth Tax
  4. Valuation for Gift Tax
  5. Purchase of Immovable Property by Central Government under chapter XX-c of Income Tax Act and Procedure of valuation in determining the value of the property under transfer
  6. Role of Registered Valuer
  7. Few Case laws connected with valuation
  8. Valuation by Composite Rate method
  9. Valuation of Flats :
    1. Procedure of Valuation of a residential flat
    2. Format for Valuation of flat
    3. Questions & Opinions
  10. Valuation for Bank Purpose :
    1. Valuation of a typical property
    2. Valuation of vacant site- A model report
    3. Valuation for the purpose of purchasing
    4. Valuation of a residential bungalow
    5. Questions & Opinions
  11. Valuation for the purpose of partition
  12. Valuation of a resorts site in a hill station
  13. Estimation of present worth of a resorts complex
  14. Practical Problems
  15. Questions & Opinions
  16. Whether a valuer can give different reports for different values for the same property on the same day?
  17. Defending the valuation
  18. Valuation of industrial assets - parameters
  19. Valuation of an 'A' Frame
  20. Land measurement units in different parts of the country
  21. Fair market value of vacant land and encumbered land
  22. How to estimate the probable value at the end of the 60th year? - A Case study
  23. Can there be a zero value for any property?
  24. Can't a Valuer practise as an advocate?
  25. Assessment of loss - Basic principles in Insurance Survey
  26. Assessment of loss - A Case Study
  27. Survey report : Motor Insurance - essential loss control measures
  28. Relevant extracts published in leading dailies and journals
  29. Valuation formats :
    1. Canfin Homes
    2. Catholic Syrian Bank
    3. Indian Oil Corporation
    4. Port Trust of india
    5. Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corporation
    6. Valuation of Vehicle
  30. Technical Data :
    1. Plinth area rates for buildings in Tamilnadu
    2. Plinth area rates for godowns in Tamilnadu
    3. Cost inflation index for financial years released by Government of India
    4. Revised proforma for calculating Building cost Index - Prescribed by CPWD
  31. Procedure to become
    1. Professional Engineer & Chartered Engineer in the institution of Engineers (India)
    2. Panel Engineer to issue structural soundness certificates to public buildings in Tamilnadu
  32. Practical Valuation Volume I - Review & Feedback

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