1. Procedure to determine the fair rent
  2. Case studies, Court judgements and Questions & Opinions
  3. Fair rent for a residential building - A model report
  4. Fair rent for a residential building used for residential & non - residential purpose - A model report
  5. Fair rent for the bank premises - Different portions constructed in different periods and used for two different purposes - A model report
  6. Fair rent for the first floor of the building used as a computer centre
  7. Fair rent for a portion of the commercial complex used as a godown
  8. Fair rent for an individual shop used as a canteen
  9. Fair rent for a flat in an apartment building used as residence
  10. Questions & Opoinions
  11. Procedure of estimating the rent for private buildings which are let out to Central Government
  12. Technical Data
    1. Plinth area rates prescribed by the Chief Engineer, PWD, Tamilnadu
    2. Depreciation by Linear method - Tables

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