1. Introduction
  2. Judgements related to valuation of immovable properties
  3. Liability against a professional arises only when he is an active participant in a plan to defraud the bank
    - Case of K. Narayana Rao Vs CBI (2012) 9 SCC 512
  4. A panel valuer has no role for the genuineness of the title deeds - A few judgements
  5. Judgements related to registration procedure of Registered valuers
  6. Judgements related to Role of valuers in Direct tax
    1. Judgements related to Cost of construction for income tax
    2. When books of accounts are properly maintained, reference is not valid.
    3. State PWD rates are preferred
    1. Statuatory valuation for capital gains
    2. Cost inflation Index
    3. Section 50 C
  7. Valuation report of registered valuers
  8. Case laws - Part I to Part IV

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