1. Basic Principles of Valuation
  2. Valuation of land
  3. Valuation of Buildings
  4. Procedure of Valuation by Land & Building Method
  5. Procedure of Valuation for Bank purposes
    1. Procedure of Valuation of properties created as Equitable Mortgage to Banks
    2. Valuation of Bank premises
    3. Responsibility of Valuers while issuing fitness certificates to Bank's
      Currency cash chest and strong room
  6. Procedure of Valuation of building constructed / purchased by availing loan from
    LIC - Housing Finance Ltd.
  7. Fixing the price for the purpose of selling / buying - factors affecting the value
  8. Procedure to Fix the price for middle floor of a residential building
  9. Valuation of Flats for various purposes
    1. Value in stages
    2. Security to banks
    3. Cost of construction
    4. Procedure of preparing estimate
  10. Valuation for Taxation
    1. Estimating the cost of construction under Income Tax Act
    2. Procedure suggested when the cost is determined by adopting plinth area
      rate method of valuation
    3. Economy in construction and its impact on income Tax Valuation
    4. A Detailed analysis about the valuation by adopting C.P.W.D.Rates
    5. Valuation Cell
    6. Rebate for self supervision
    7. Suggestions
    8. Cost of construction - the drawbacks with the existing systems of Valuation
      and need for a standard procedure
    9. Plant & Machinery - cost of construction
    10. Few court Judgements related to valuation
    11. Questions & Answers
    12. Cost of construction - Questions & Opinions
  11. Capital Gains as per Finance Act 1992 - How to assess the value as on 1.4.1981?
  12. Valuation by Profit method - Valuation of a cinema theatre with case study
  13. How to determine a fair rent?
  14. Procedure of Assessment of rent for private building which are let out to
    Central Government Departments
  15. Want to Buy a property?
  16. Certification for other purposes
  17. Questions & Opinions
  18. Where the Services of a Valuer are required?
  19. Technical Data :
    1. Methods of measurement of Plinth area
    2. CPWD Plinth area rates as on 1.1.92 with specifications
    3. CPWD Plinth area rates as on 1.10.76
    4. Plinth area rates for Tamil Nadu
    5. Statistics for a normal residential buildings
    6. Breakup weightages
    7. Service life of certain buildings
  20. Valuation Formats :
    1. Formats suggested by this Author
    2. Formats prescribed by the Banks
    3. General formats on Valuation
    4. Valuation formats for Insurance Companies
    5. Format prescribed by C.B.D.T.
  21. Prescribed formats to be used for Empanelment
  22. Procedure to apply for Membership :
    1. Registered Valuers for CBDT
    2. Member in the Insutitution of valuers
    3. Surveyor & Loss Assessors
    4. Member in the Indian Council of Arbitration
    5. Enlistment in the Directory of IDBI, IFCI, ICICI
  23. Addresses of other Institutions
  24. Bibiliography

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